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LLC "GEOINVESTKOM" - a geological company based in Kiev, with projects in all regions of Ukraine. We offer a large selection of solutions for any survey requirements above or below ground.

These solutions are provided by our qualified, experienced and committed geologists who understand the needs of customers and provide high-quality, cost-effective services on time and in accordance with customer requirements.

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Types of jobs


Our company performs geological surveys using such drilling methods:

  1. Auger - for soil sampling disturbed the structure
  2. Shock-rope - for soil sampling not broken the structure
  3. Column - for soil sampling not broken structures at great depths
  4. Pneumatic impact - for soil sampling broken and not broken structures in rocky rocks at great depths

Owning modern equipment and specialized computer equipment, we can determine the characteristics of the soil directly in field conditions without violating the natural pressure of the soil, which eliminates the possibility of obtaining inaccurate data.

We determine the field characteristics of the soil in such ways:

  1. Static sounding
  2. Dynamic sounding
  3. Soil conductivity
  4. Shift

Stamp soil testing is carried out to determine the following dispersed soil deformation characteristics:

initial subsidence pressure PSl and relative deformation of subsidence Єsl.

Our company can perform stamp tests such ways:

  1. Rigid stamp of a round form, from 600 cm2 to 5000 cm2;
  2. Dynamic stamp
  3. Static stamp
  4. Cutting ring

The presence of special instruments, as well as experienced employees allows us to perform high-quality geophysical tests, namely:

  1. Seismic exploration
  2. Electrical intelligence
  3. Magnetic exploration

When performing geodetic works, we use only modern high-precision equipment:

  1. Electronic total stations
  2. GPS satellite receivers
  3. Route finders

Deep wells are a separate set of works that our company performs here:

  1. Wells up to 500 meters deep
  2. Directional Directional Drilling (NNB)
  3. Deep drainage
  4. Water reduction
  5. Heat pumps
The cost of our work
from 300 UAH
from 3 000 UAH
from 8 000 UAH
from 20 000 UAH
from 3 000 UAH
from 300 UAH
Individual prices will apply for each, depending on the location of the work, conditions, season, volume and workload of our company
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We carry out all regulatory documentation in accordance with the requirements of DBN, DSTU, SNiP, DIN
The cost of work is determined exclusively individually
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Engineering and geological surveys are necessary during construction to ensure accurate and proper location of buildings and structures. These surveys are carried out without taking into account the type and size of the facility under construction.

Engineering-geological surveys make it possible to identify the engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions of the proposed construction site, soil characteristics, hazardous geological processes and other possible complications in the process of construction and operation of structures.

The survey is carried out by studying the physical and geological conditions, geological structure, hydrogeological conditions, the main physical and mechanical features of the soil, electrical exploration, the chemical composition of groundwater and soil corrosion activity.

In order to get a positive opinion on project documentation from expert companies, we provide the most comprehensive scope of engineering and geological surveys, as provided for in the regulatory system.

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